To install this application you will need the Adobe Flash Player

SWFWire Debugger 1.6.28

Last updated 6/24/13

An open source AIR application for intense ActionScript 3 debugging.

Screenshot of Console Tab Console tab with Show method entry selected allows you to see a full trace of function calls. Calls from the fl. and mx. packages are hidden to reduce noise. A search box lets you quickly find the call you're looking for.
Screenshot of Properties tab The Properties tab lets you view and modify all properties of an object. Even private, protected, and dynamic properties are editable. Dictionary keys show up as buttons, so you can inspect them too.
Screenshot of Styles tab The Styles tab lets you view and modify common Flex based styles.
Screenshot of Objects tab The Objects tab provides a list of all objects in the SWF. The Quick Diff column shows which objects have been added or removed since the last refresh. The Method and Creation Time columns show where and when the object was created. A filter box lets you quickly find the objects you're looking for based on object type.
Screenshot of Inspect mode The Inspect button allows you to quickly choose a DisplayObject for inspection. Clicking on your SWF in inspect mode will show a list of all leaf nodes hit.
Screenshot of Network tab The Network tab lets you view the status of files loaded using URLLoader and Loader.

Other features:

  • An FPS, memory usage, and object count graph lets you quickly monitor performance.
  • Pass custom flashvars.
  • Save loaded and recompiled SWF files.
  • One-click snapshots

Potential features:

  • Display list browser.
  • UI for tracking NetConnection, Socket and ServerSocket network requests.
  • CPU profiling.